It's easy to become a member if you're interested in the hip

How to apply for EHS membership

To become a Member of the European Hip Society…

  1. Download the Membership Application Form pdf below
  2. Complete your details
  3. Name two “sponsors” on the form. A sponsor must be a Member of EHS who is willing to vouch for you and your interest in hip surgery when we contact them.
  4. Prepare a brief CV in English which lists your publications.
  5. Email your form and CV to Samantha Stokes, the Secretary General’s PA .

Your application will then be scrutinised by the EHS ExCom and if approved, your membership will start straight away and will be announced in our newsletter, facebook and of course at the General Assembly. You will receive your membership certificate, join our newsletter list and will start to receive your Hip International subscription.

It’s as easy as that!

We look forward to welcoming you.

To apply for EHS membership, please download and complete the correct pdf supplied below.