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We are now inviting applications for the EHS Travelling Fellowship 2017. Spread the word! (Closes 15th September 2016.) More info inside

EHS 12th Congress

Destination Munich. 6th-9th September 2016. Topics for everyone to get their teeth into, from difficult primary hips to epiphysiolysis capitis femoris, plus results of registries. See the congress website

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Hip International

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Dear Members of the EHS, dear Colleagues,

Following the excellent 11th EHS Congress 2014 in Stockholm, I would like to thank the past president, Gösta Ullmark, for all the hard work he has done during his presidency and the great effort he put into the congress for the European Hip Society. He did a marvellous job with a scientific program in Stockholm that fulfilled the highest scientific standards.

Now it is my turn to serve the EHS as president and I am looking forward to developing our society – not only with the ExCom members in our various committees, but also with each and every member – to become one of the most outstanding specialty societies in Europe. Continue Reading...









EHS growth

In 2012 we were 372 members
In 2014 we were 419 members
In 2016 we are 516 and counting

We currently have Full Members from over 30 European countries and International Members from over 15 countries outside Europe. All are practicing consultant orthopaedic hip surgeons and enjoy free subscription to Hip International. Young Members are not yet consultants, but will be one day! They enjoy half price membership dues and receive free subscription. Emeritus members are retired surgeons and enjoy complimentary membership and access to the journal.


EHS Congress

The EHS Congress takes place every other year and is organised by the EHS President - who changes every two years too - in his home country. The next EHS Congress is the 12th and will be held by President Werner Siebert in the beautiful city of Munich. 382 abstracts have been submitted from 37 different countries.

Professors among Full Members
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